Christopher Munstermann, R.Ac., TCM Dipl.

Alternative medicine has always been a part of Christopher’s life. Christopher was introduced to Chinese Medicine at the age of twelve in response to the health challenges he was experiencing. It resonated deeply, and in 2005 he graduated from the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Diplomas in Acupuncture and in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Medicine is interested in the two aspects of the issues that cause dis-ease – the root and the branch. Over the course of his fourteen year practice, getting to the root of the issue led him to study Ancestral and Intergenerational Trauma, completing Level 1 training in Origin Healing in 2017.

A strong believer in the Socratic Method (allowing one’s process and one’s own discovery of answers for themselves), Christopher takes the approach that one’s own system knows best about itself, and is here to be a guide or sherpa for the inner knowing to surface. Oftentimes one’s inner knowing requires a safe environment to express itself, and as such, the primary goal of Christopher’s practice is to generate and hold a supportive, nonjudgmental and integral space for the human system to do what it does best – heal itself. No question is silly or annoying. No way of being is bad or wrong. You are whole and complete, exactly as you are and exactly as you are not. It is from this space that the automatic self-corrective mechanisms of the human being go to work, on root and branch simultaneously.

Outside of his practice, Christopher is an avid home chef (with a substantial collection of hand-forged Japanese chefs knives) and writer, having handwritten the Four Keys Journal with his ever expanding fountain pen collection during the COVID-19 lockdown.