Acne Treatment that Really Works

Calgary WOW Centre - Acne Treatment

If you struggle with acne, chances are you’ve tried a wide range of different products and treatments to cope with breakouts. In some cases, treatments may have even been painful or had a wide range of side effects to deal with. Here at Calgary WOW Centre, we can help you develop an acne treatment plan that’s easier on your skin and that really works. Whether you’ve been dealing with acne your whole life or you’re experiencing mask-ne after years without breakouts, we can help you achieve clear, healthy skin comfortably. 

Light-based acne treatment is gentle on the skin but works to stop breakouts at the source while clearing up any existing blemishes. With distinct wavelengths of light, our skincare technicians can target different elements of the skin for effective, painless treatment. For ongoing breakout prevention, we’ll assist you in building a comprehensive skin care routine from our selection of professional grade skin care products. 

Don’t let acne shake your confidence or cause you discomfort. Connect with Calgary WOW Centre on our website to schedule an appointment with our skincare specialists.