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Calgary WOW Centre Virtual Skin Care Consultation

Are you frustrated not knowing which skin care products you need to maintain a healthy glow? Or maybe you’ve struggled with recent changes in your skin, such as mask-related acne or reduced elasticity in aging skin. Calgary WOW Centre is here to help you build a skin care routine that finally addresses your concerns and lets you capture that effortless look. Even better, we provide skin care consultations virtually, so you can connect with us from anywhere in Canada! Consultations take place over a video call with one of our specialists, so you can get the detailed recommendations you need for perfect skin. 

Securely connect with our skin care specialists to gain a deeper understanding of the nutrients and ingredients that will benefit your skin the most. We’ll get to know your skin type, typical skin care routine, and your goals so that we can tailor our product line to your unique needs. Finally, you can take the guesswork out of selecting the right medical grade skin care products without even leaving the house! If you are in Calgary, we can also recommend the right in-office skin care treatments for you, such as a carbon laser peel or facial contouring. 

Ready to build a customized skin care routine with our in-house skin care line, iS Clinical? Get started today with your FREE virtual skin care consultation. Book an appointment on our website today.