Did you know that most sunscreens absorb through your skin and into your body?


When you apply sunscreen, you probably picture it creating an invisible barrier on your skin to keep you protected from UV rays. However, most sunscreens actually absorb into the body through the skin, which may have you wondering about the quality of your sunscreen. Feel more confident in the products you apply to your skin every day with Calgary WOW Centre. We carry iS Clinical Sunscreens, which contain ingredients that are better for your skin and offer superior sun protection (SPF 50+). These paraben-free, water-resistant sunscreens provide physical, broad-spectrum protection with a weightless finish. They also stay at the site of application, so that you eliminate absorbed toxins from your sun protection routine. If you tend to avoid sunscreen due to a risk of organ damage or other cancers, iS Clinical offers a safe alternative you can feel good about putting on your skin. 

Skip the drug store skin care and visit us to find products with more of the ingredients that your skin will love. Not in Calgary? No problem! You can order iS Clinical Sunscreens and other amazing skin care products from our website and have them delivered anywhere in Canada. Visit our website today to start shopping for everything your skin needs to stay healthy and beautiful.