Forget the flowers! Give mom something she really wants this Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day | Calgary WOW Centre | Integrated Wellness Centre | SW Calgary

Tired of giving mom the same old bouquet for her special day? This Mother’s Day, think outside the box with skin care services from Calgary WOW Centre. As women get older, it’s not uncommon to see sagging skin and a loss of definition in the chin and jawline, otherwise known as jowls. In the past, a facelift was the only way to effectively target this area. Today, treatment is quick, painless, and non-invasive! Spoil your mom with this invigorating, rejuvenating treatment from our laser skin care specialists. 

We’ve designed a treatment package that effectively targets the jowls and promotes long-lasting smoothness in the skin. It combines warm facial contouring, infrared skin tightening, and targeted anti-aging serums to tighten and define the chin and jawline. After 6 treatments spaced out over 12 weeks, this package will have mom feeling more beautiful and confident than ever! 

Book this package for mom (or for yourself) to make Mother’s Day extra special this year. Schedule your treatment consultation on our website today.