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Fresh Ginger is actually related to the “superfood” turmeric. It gives your recipes a lot of flavor.

Its main component, gingerol, gives it most of its nutritional power, which includes anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Fresh Ginger helps fight nausea and indigestion, soothes muscles and arthritis pain, is linked with lower blood sugar and cholesterol, eases menstrual cramps, and is even good for your brain.

You can store unpeeled ginger root in the refrigerator in a resealable plastic bag. Dry the cut end before you seal and store it.

Add it to stir-fries, teas, salad dressings, and anything else that can benefit from ginger’s gentle heat.

Fresh Ginger Nutrition Facts

1 Tbsp of fresh ginger contains:

4.8 calories

Trace amounts of vitamins B, C

Minerals including iron, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc

Wide range of antioxidants

Anti-inflammatory properties


This simple, sweet & spicy tea is perfect as a pep-up for dreary days … and it’s also great to help tame your tummy. It’s delicious warm or cold!

You can customize this to suit your tastes by adding more ginger or cooking longer, to infuse more ginger taste.


(makes 2 servings)

● 2 tbsp fresh ginger root, peeled & cut into thin slices

● 4 cups water

● 1 tbsp honey

● Juice of half a lemon or lime (your choice)

● Dash of cayenne (optional)

Place the ginger in the water in a medium saucepan and heat to boiling. Let simmer for 10-20 minutes (the longer it simmers, the stronger the taste).

Remove from the heat and strain to remove ginger. Add the honey and juice to taste. If you like it spicy, simply add a dash of cayenne.

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