Get Your Life Back with Natural Hormone Balancing

Hormone Balancing | Calgary WOW Centre | Integrated Wellness Centre | SW Calgary

Have you noticed unexpected changes in your health like unexplained weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, or other new symptoms that don’t seem to have a clear cause? Your hormones may be to blame. Hormonal imbalances can throw off your total health, yet many people struggling with this issue have no idea what’s really going on. Conventional medicine often overlooks hormonal imbalances by limiting the types of testing performed in a typical blood panel. Naturopathic medicine can help you take a deep dive with a complete hormone panel that lets you see the whole picture. 

Dr. Stephanie Bristow is our Naturopathic Doctor, and she can help you unravel the mystery of sudden changes to your health. Weight fluctuations, chronic fatigue, hair loss, muscle weakness, joint stiffness, and changes in your sex drive aren’t normal signs of aging, and they aren’t symptoms you should ignore. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Bristow at Calgary WOW Centre to take control of your health and bring your hormones back into balance naturally. Visit our website to schedule a consultation.