Healing From The Inside Out

Calgary WOW Centre

At Calgary WOW Centre, our priority is helping our patients look and feel their very best through a variety of treatment modalities that tap into the body’s own natural healing mechanics. As a holistic and wellness clinic, we see many clients with chronic pain and illnesses, but we also provide approachable treatment that patients of all backgrounds can benefit from. 

You can think of WOW as your one-stop shop for looking and feeling 100%. Through osteopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, and craniosacral therapy, we can help you feel more balanced and ready to take on the world. These therapies focus on the interconnectivity of the body, so they can offer numerous benefits in managing chronic pain, improving depression and anxiety symptoms, balancing hormones, reducing fatigue, and simply helping you get sick less often. 

On the aesthetics side of our practice, we provide laser skin care and medical aesthetics including tattoo removal, hair removal, and non-surgical body contouring. 

Experience healing from the inside out at Calgary WOW Centre. We have been serving the SW Calgary community since 2008 and are constantly expanding our services to cater to our patients.