Injured? Recover with Calgary WOW Centre

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If you’ve decided to get back to the gym or start up a physical routine after a long hiatus, you may find that your body isn’t as strong or flexible as you might remember. Unfortunately, you may make this discovery by sustaining an injury.

If you’re struggling with pain, immobility, or stiffness after getting back into your favorite sport or activity after an extended hiatus, connect with Calgary WOW Centre to see a physiotherapist, or osteopathic manual therapist who can address your injuries.

Both osteopathic manual therapy and physiotherapy involve physically manipulating the body to facilitate the body’s natural healing mechanisms and target the root causes of pain and soreness.

These types of therapy can help gently align and mobilize the joints and spine and accelerate the healing process of soft tissue injuries.

Osteopathic manual therapy can have an even wider range of benefits, as it helps improve overall bodily function by stimulating the circulatory and nervous systems

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