Introducing Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

We are thrilled to welcome a new member to our staff at Calgary WOW Centre! Stuart Conner is now a part of our wellness team, bringing his skills as a certified laser technician specializing in tattoo removal. He also performs scar removal and carbon facial peels, which can help to erase skin imperfections by targeting the skin deep within the pores. 

Body art is highly personal, and as we tend to grow throughout our lives, that ink that meant a lot in your 20s may simply not fit your worldview later in life. Alternatively, you might have tattoos that have faded or just weren’t what you envisioned when you first collaborated with your tattoo artist. Whatever your reason is for seeking tattoo removal, Stuart and Calgary WOW Centre are here to help. 

Using the gentlest yet most effective advances in laser technology, we can help you say goodbye to unwanted tattoos and scars. Stuart is no stranger to body art himself. He has several tattoos of his own and is here to provide non-judgmental treatment for body art that no longer serves you. As you get to know Stuart during your tattoo removal treatments, you’ll likely hear lots of stories about his wife and two kids as well as tales of his snowboarding adventures in the Rocky Mountains. 

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