iS Clinical Skin Care Line Now Available at Calgary WOW Centre!

Calgary WOW Centre - iS Clinical

While clinical skin care procedures can help bring out your best features, it’s your at-home skin care routine that will have the biggest impact on the overall health and appearance of your skin. At Calgary WOW Centre, we recommend using only the best products for your skin. That’s why we carry the iS Clinical skin care line, which is available for pick up at our clinic or for purchase on our website with our new ecommerce shop. 

iS Clinical is renowned for innovative skin care products that help chemically balance the skin with only the highest quality ingredients available. One unique distinction with the iS Clinical brand is Extremozyme Technology, which sources enzymes from plants living in the most extreme environments on the planet. Harnessing the power of these ingredients, iS cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and sunscreens help protect your skin from even the harshest environmental conditions. 

Build your ideal skin care routine with iS Clinical and Calgary WOW Centre. Visit our website to browse our product selection or schedule an appointment with one of our skin care specialists to get personalized recommendations for your unique needs and skin care goals.