Limited Services December 12 – January 10

Limited Services | Calgary WOW Centre | Integrated Wellness Centre | SW Calgary

Due to current COVID-19 Restrictions in Alberta, Calgary WOW Centre is offering only limited services from December 12th through January 10th. We look forward to seeing our patients for our full menu of services when we return in 2021! Until then, patients may still book physiotherapy and acupuncture appointments with us, as these are deemed essential services during this time. 

Both physiotherapy and acupuncture can provide holistic relief for chronic pain, headaches, and many other common ailments. Physiotherapy involves manual manipulation of the tissues to increase mobility, reduce pain, and encourage lymphatic drainage. Acupuncture offers patients a greater sense of wellness by unblocking natural energy pathways in the body, which align with key points in the nervous system for pain and stress relief. Both treatment modalities tap into the potential of the body’s own healing mechanisms as well as the interconnectivity of our mental, spiritual, and physical health. 

To book appointments for these services, please use our online appointment portal. Our reception services will be paused until January 10th. Calgary WOW Centre is so grateful to all our loyal patients, and we cannot wait to safely see you for all services once again in the New Year