Mask-ne Treatment

Calgary WOW Centre Mask Acne Treatment

While you’ve likely gotten used to wearing a mask by now, you may have started to experience a frustrating yet common side effect of consistently keeping your face covered: Mask-ne, or mask acne. If you’re suddenly battling breakouts after decades of enjoying clear skin, you might not know what to do about mask-related acne. The good news is that modern acne treatments are more comfortable and effective than ever before—likely much less painful and invasive than what you might remember from your teenage years.

Here at Calgary WOW Centre, we’ve developed an approach that delivers 3 treatments in one using blue, yellow, and infrared wavelengths. This targets acne where it forms deep within the skin. In just a few treatments you can see acne clear up quickly and painlessly. Best of all, these treatments are light-based, so they don’t require a lot of time or special preparation. You can pop in for lunchtime treatment sessions to clear up your skin without clearing your schedule. Treatment is comfortable, quick, and gentle on your skin.

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