Meet Deborah Zwack, PCC

Deborah Zwack | Patient Care Coordinator | Calgary WOW Centre | Integrated Wellness Centre | SW Calgary

Prior to working as one of Calgary WOW Centre’s Patient Care Coordinators, Deb worked for 10 years in Vancouver as a Legal Assistant.

She relocated to Calgary with her family in 2001. As her children grew, she volunteered for many events and programs within their school and was eventually recruited to manage a 500-seat capacity cafeteria. After her children completed school, she moved on to work as an Executive Assistant with a communications specialist and then made the change to the wellness industry.

In addition to office work, Deb started her own interior design business over 10 years ago. She continues to work in this field on a part-time basis with select clients helping them bring to life their personal story.

When Deb is not greeting you as you arrive at Calgary WOW Centre, she is enjoying crafting with friends, spending time with family, cooking and gardening.

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