Meet Pamela Klombies BSc PT

Pamela is a manual physiotherapist with 25+ years’ experience treating Concussion Syndrome, Headaches and sport-related Whiplash injuries.

Through individualized education, postural re-alignment, and joint mobilizations she assists athletes to return to normal daily activities and to elite sport-specific skills.

She has an extensive background in Craniosacral Therapy (addressing head and spinal trauma) and Visceral Manipulation (addressing Abdominal injury, Pelvic Floor Weakness, and Digestive Disorders).

Pamela is a Leading Trainer for many exercise genres, teaching the Bender Ball Method for Strong Healthy Core, Athletic Hatha Yoga, and the Pilates Reformer.

When Pamela is not helping others at Calgary WOW Centre, you’ll find her training and hiking with her two Aussie Mountain Doodles.

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