Nervous to try laser hair removal? End your fear with Calgary WOW Centre!

Calgary WOW Centre - Laser Hair Removal

Have you heard rumors that laser hair removal is painful or uncomfortable? Is the risk of jaw clenching pain keeping you from scheduling this permanent hair removal option? If so, it’s time to see how far the technology has come with Calgary WOW Centre. While it is true that earlier generations of laser hair removal were known for a painful treatment experience, modern technology has emphasized patient comfort for a much easier treatment. 

Eliminating the pain from laser hair removal gets rid of the biggest potential downside of this treatment. However, if you’re still not sure that it’s for you, we can help! Right now, Calgary WOW Centre is offering a FREE laser hair removal trial so that you can see what it’s like risk-free… just in time for summer! There’s no obligation to book follow-up treatments, and there’s absolutely no charge for this initial session. Choose between underarm treatment (among the most popular treatment areas for ladies) or neckline hair removal (perfect for men who are tired of constantly trimming up their hairline in this hard-to-reach area). 

Don’t miss out on this amazing offer! Call (403) 453-0960 to book your FREE laser hair removal trial. Virtual appointments are available to assess whether treatment is right for you, and you can pre-book in-person services for when we fully reopen this summer.