New to Our Clinic: Acupuncture!

Calgary WOW Centre Acupuncture

Here at Calgary WOW Centre, we are constantly growing with new services from skilled and certified practitioners. We are happy to announce that we are now offering acupuncture services from our talented new team member Christopher Munstermann. 

With diplomas in both Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Christopher brings a deep understanding of the body’s vital energies and meridians (energy pathways) to help patients identify and address the root causes of disease, chronic pain, and other ailments. Individuals who may benefit from acupuncture include those with digestive ailments, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain, infertility, or post-partum depression. Alternatively, acupuncture may simply deepen your mental, emotional, and physical balance at any stage of life. 

If you’ve never experienced an acupuncture treatment before, you can expect a gentle treatment session that has minimal sensation, even though needles are used. You may notice immediately that the muscles become more relaxed in response to treatment. Following an acupuncture session, you may feel relaxed, or you might feel energized. Optimal effects are achieved with ongoing acupuncture treatments.

To schedule an acupuncture appointment with Christopher at Calgary WOW Centre, visit our website or call (403) 453-0960. We are also happy to answer your questions about any of our holistic and alternative health services.