Put An End to Mask-Related Acne

Calgary WOW Centre Mask Related Acne

Is continuously wearing a protective mask causing painful breakouts on your skin? Even for those who haven’t dealt with acne since they were teenagers, irritation from constantly keeping the mouth and nose covered can lead to breakouts. Since masks are your best line of protection during the pandemic, you may find yourself searching for a gentle acne treatment to restore your healthy skin. Calgary WOW Centre can help with painless, light-based acne treatment that’s effective for all skin types. 

Our dynamic, light-based treatment combines two wavelengths of visible light—blue light and yellow light—along with infrared light to target existing blemishes and prevent future breakouts. Blue light targets and destroys bacteria in the skin, stopping acne at the source. Yellow light coagulates the blood vessels that feed breakouts. Finally, infrared light dries any active lesions. After just a few treatment sessions, you’ll see a significant improvement in your skin. You won’t need to deal with any complicated skincare routines, side effects from prescription acne medications, or painful chemical treatments. 

Visit Calgary WOW Centre to put an end to mask-ne quickly and painlessly. You can book appointments for our laser skin care services on our website.