Putting an End to “Mask-ne”

Calgary WOW Centre - Putting An End To Mask-Ne

Wearing a mask is your best line of protection from coronavirus—and it’s the most effective way that you can prevent inadvertently getting others sick as well. Unfortunately, wearing a mask is also a bit uncomfortable by nature. That’s especially true if you’ve experienced a breakout of acne because you’re constantly keeping your face covered by a fabric mask. Before you turn to harsh chemical products for your skin or acne medications with loads of potential negative side effects, visit Calgary WOW Centre for gentle, light-based acne treatment. 

Light can penetrate to the deepest layers of skin without causing any damage on the surface. By choosing specific wavelengths of light, we can target and destroy oils and bacteria in the skin, dry out existing lesions, and prevent future breakouts by coagulating the blood vessels that feed new blemishes. While your skin will experience dramatic changes from this treatment, you won’t feel a thing! Treatment is gentle and painless, so don’t have to interrupt your routine to keep your skin healthy and breakout free. 

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