Revitalize Your Skin this Holiday Season

Calgary WOW Centre Revitalize Your Skin

Around the holidays we often hear from patients looking for rejuvenating aesthetic procedures that don’t have much (if any) downtime. The carbon facial is an amazing treatment that should be on the top of your list for quick rejuvenation before any Christmas or New Year’s Eve gathering. This facial, also called the Hollywood Facial, uses liquid carbon to bond to oils and impurities in the skin, allowing subsequent laser treatment to effectively detox and brighten the skin. Even better, the results only improve with time because collagen production is triggered beneath the skin’s surface. Plus, there’s NO downtime! 

If you’re playing it safe and staying at home this holiday season, you might go even deeper with your skin treatment by scheduling a fractional resurfacing facial. This laser skincare treatment does require more time for the skin to heal, so it’s perfect if you don’t have any big commitments on your holiday schedule. And you’ll still get to head into the New Year with confidence! 

Find your ideal skin rejuvenation treatment at Calgary WOW Centre. Now is the time to visit us for 25% off your carbon facial or fractional laser resurfacing until 2021! Browse our site for a complete menu of laser skin care and medical aesthetic services.