Say Goodbye to Spooky Spider Veins This Halloween

Calgary WOW Centre - Spider Veins

Spider veins are common for both men and women, often appearing in the legs and sometimes the face as well. These veins are the result of blood pooling in veins near the surface of the skin, a process that may be caused by heredity, trauma, fluctuating hormones, or obesity. Often, pregnant women will see spider veins develop in the lower body due to hormonal changes and weight gain. Those who spend long periods of time on their feet are also likely to see spider veins in the legs. 

While generally harmless to your health, these veins can be unsightly. Fortunately, they are treatable with non-invasive laser therapy that heats affected veins, causing them to close up so that blood flow is rerouted to deeper, healthier veins. Treated veins will eventually fade from view as they are reabsorbed into the body as scar tissue. 
If you’re interested in treating spider veins, visit Calgary WOW Centre for our Halloween treatment special. We’re offering 10% off laser treatment for all spider vein treatments booked by November 30th, so schedule your consultation today!