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Stock Up on iS Clinical Products | Calgary WOW Centre | Integrated Wellness Centre | SW Calgary

When you think about your health and wellness, you probably think a lot about what goes into your body—the foods you eat, the supplements you use, and the medications you take. But what about the products you put onto your skin? When it comes to skincare, it’s essential to carefully look at the ingredients of every product you use, since these will be absorbed into the body through the skin. The right ingredients can nourish and replenish the skin without causing any harmful side effects. 

With iS Clinical products, you can feel confident that you’re only putting good ingredients into your skin. iS Clinical cleansers, toners, moisturizers, sunscreens, and exfoliators are formulated from botanical ingredients proven to benefit the skin, combat environmental damage, and reverse common signs of aging. 

Our full line of clinical skincare products is available both in our clinic and in our online store, so you can create a complete skincare routine with ease. Cleanse, hydrate, treat, and protect the skin with iS Clinical and Calgary WOW Centre. Browse our online store to fill your cart with proven solutions for better skin.