Support Your Health with Calgary WOW Centre This Fall

Support Your Health This Fall | Calgary WOW Centre | Integrated Wellness Centre | SW Calgary

We tend to slow down in the fall, getting outside less often to cuddle up indoors with our favorite pumpkin spice treats and a warm blanket. However, just because our pace slows down in the fall doesn’t mean our metabolism should soon. As you adjust to shorter days, less physical activity, and an influx of seasonal treats, a quick visit to our ND Dr. Bristow will help you stay balanced and energized. Dr. Bristow can help with nutritional planning, supplements, and botanical medicine to help you keep your body moving and functioning well. 

To schedule your fall visit with Dr. Bristow, visit our online scheduling page or give us a call. If you are not already a patient with us, schedule a complimentary meet and greet with Dr. Bristow. You can schedule your visit virtually or in person.