Tattoo Removal Doesn’t Leave Scarring!

Calgary WOW Centre Tattoo Removal

A common misconception about tattoo removal is that the procedure will leave behind unsightly scarring. However, newer generations of laser tattoo removal technologies make this procedure much more effective and comfortable than it has been in the past. Perhaps even more importantly, it doesn’t leave a lasting mark with scar tissue. So, you truly can erase those tattoos that may no longer feel like a good fit—or you can fade the existing ink just enough to get something new in its place.

Whether you want to permanently erase a tattoo or reimagine it into something new, your first step is a consultation at Calgary WOW Centre to discuss our tattoo removal services. Our innovative laser technology targets the ink of existing tattoos to destroy pigment clusters without doing harm to your skin. If you are intending to cover a tattoo with new ink, you may not need to have the original work fully removed. Fading over 3-4 sessions can be enough to create a new canvas for your tattoo artist. 

Love the skin you’re in with Calgary WOW Centre. To schedule a visit with Stuart, our certified laser technician specializing in tattoo removal, click here. Stuart is a lover of body art himself with several of his own tattoos, but he also understands that some ink may no longer serve the purpose it once did.