Think cellulite can’t be treated? Think again!

Calgary WOW Centre - Cellulite Treatment

While it’s true that many topical products that tout cellulite removal don’t really work, there is a way to finally get rid of stubborn cellulite so that you can feel more confident in your summer wardrobe. Cellulite causes a dimpled appearance on the surface of the skin—commonly around the thighs and buttocks. It’s caused by long, tough connective tissues that press against subdermal fat just below the skin. As you get older, you may notice the appearance of cellulite become more pronounced because the skin becomes thinner. Weight gain can also amplify the appearance of cellulite. 

By combining radiofrequency body contouring and infrared skin tightening procedures, our unique cellulite busting treatment targets cellulite at the source. Body contouring helps eliminate excess fat, while skin tightening breaks up tough connective tissues and triggers a healing response in the skin for an overall smoother appearance on the skin’s surface. These treatments are both comfortable and non-invasive procedures, which use targeted heat to trigger a lasting transformation in your body composition. 

Say goodbye to cellulite once and for all with Calgary WOW Centre. Visit our website to book a consultation with our medical aesthetics team.