Time for some self-care? Try our Carbon Facial!

Has it felt like you’ve been waiting forever for summer to arrive? Now that warmer weather and summer fun are finally in sight, why not celebrate with a little self-care? Start the summer feeling fresh and renewed with a Carbon Facial at Calgary WOW Centre. This painless laser facial peel yields amazing results for your skin with absolutely no downtime. It’s more effective than a light chemical peel or microdermabrasion, but much easier on your skin. 

The Carbon Facial begins with the application of liquid carbon on the skin. The carbon then bonds with impurities in the skin, such as dirt and oils. As laser light targets the deeper layers of skin, both the carbon solution and all those impurities are lifted away. The result? Smaller pores, reduced redness, and touchably smooth skin! 

Deeply cleanse and resurface your skin to feel your freshest at the start of the summer season. We will be reopened for laser skincare services soon, but you can schedule your skin care consultation with Calgary WOW Centre today to see if the Carbon Facial is right for you.