Transform your arms with our tightening treatment

Calgary WOW Centre - Arm Tightening

Having trouble coping with the heat outside? Temperatures are off the charts, so now is the time to boost your confidence in those summer clothes you’ve been hesitant to take out of the closet. If you tend to avoid tank tops, swimwear, and sleeveless dresses, you can restore your confidence with Calgary WOW Centre’s non-surgical tightening treatment to target the upper arms. 

Treatment combines laser contouring and infrared skin tightening, which can transform your arms from flabby to fit! You’ll see immediate results after your first treatment session and continued improvement over 6-8 weeks of ongoing treatment. It’s common to see a loss of definition in the arms as we get older, but you don’t have to live with these changes. Treatment is painless, quick, and effective. Contouring targets excess fat in the upper arms, while skin tightening helps eliminate sagging skin by restoring collagen, yielding results you can’t get even after hours at the gym. 

Don’t let hot weather get you down this summer—feel like a new you with Calgary WOW Centre. Schedule a consultation for your arm tightening transformation by visiting our website today.