What exactly is integrated health care?

What is Integrated Health Care? | Calgary WOW Centre | Integrated Wellness Centre | SW Calgary

Integrated health care is a treatment philosophy that focuses on the whole patient, rather than a set of symptoms. Often, when you visit a general practitioner, you’ll only have a few minutes of FaceTime with a single doctor, and your care will be entirely focused on the symptoms and health issues you’re currently experiencing. Seeking care at Calgary WOW Centre is different. Our practice combines the skills of several practitioners who work together to help you achieve optimal health. 

Our growing practice focuses on several different modalities (with more on the way as we continue to grow!): Osteopathic manual therapy, physiotherapy, craniosacral therapy, laser skin services, acupuncture, and naturopathic medicine. With each of these specialized services under one roof, you can focus more time on your wellness and less time driving around the city to connect with the specialists who will round out your care. 

Find an alternative to symptom-focused health care and reap the benefits of our holistic approach at Calgary WOW Centre. Begin your journey with integrated health care in our practice by visiting our website for an appointment.