What’s the Difference Between Osteopathic Manual Therapy and Physiotherapy?

What's the Difference Between Osteopathic Manual Therapy & Physiotherapy? | Calgary WOW Centre | Integrated Wellness Centre | SW Calgary

Osteopathic manual therapy and physiotherapy are similar treatment modalities aimed at addressing injuries and illnesses without the use of drugs or surgery. With both techniques, your therapist will design a treatment plan personalized to your needs. However, osteopathic manual therapy will focus more on physical manipulation of the body with hands-on techniques, while physiotherapy may utilize a broader range of techniques such as acupressure, cross frictions, massage, and exercise to improve alignment and restore mobility. Osteopathic therapy also implements a holistic, whole-body approach to address the root causes of illness and injury while improving whole body function. 

While both types of therapy can be beneficial to a wide range of clients, osteopathic manual therapy may be better suited to treating chronic conditions, while physiotherapy may be more appropriate for acute injuries, such as sports injuries or car accident injuries. However, the two modalities can also work in tandem to facilitate more complete healing. At Calgary WOW Centre, you will find a team of skilled osteopathic manual therapists and physiotherapists to provide a complete continuum of care for injuries, aches, and pains. With Direct Access Alberta, you can book an appointment with any member of our team without a physician’s referral. Visit our website to schedule your first visit.